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Do You Need RV Repair?

RV technician repairing electrical system on RV
RV Repair - Electrical, structural, cosmetic

Have you ever found out that you need some RV repair but the closest dealer is miles away and you need to make an appointment and they want you to drop if off. What a headache!

Granted some things are under warranty and you don't have much of a choice. Some repairs are not and then you do have a choice.

Here at Old Town Campground, we are very fortunate to have an A-1 repair guys that really knows their stuff. Here's their info:

  1. Tim's RV Repair - Tim Alsept. 330-204-0858 Facebook: timsfixxinrvs / Youtube: Timsfixxinrvs /

  2. Bigfoot Mobile RV Services - Roger Moore. 352-356-2600, NRVTA Certified RV Technician, / / Facebook: @BigfootMobileRV / Instagram #bigfootmobilervservices

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