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Fishing is a Popular Pastime

A white bird with a long neck and legs standing on a pier.
Humans are not the only fishermen on the water.

Quite a few of our RVer's - both permanent residents and monthly stays - are taking time to hunt up the best fishing spots such as Suwanee on the Gulf and the Suwanee River. Some have boats, some do bank fishing. All enjoy the sport and come back happy whether they've caught something or not.

Then there's the cleaning of the fish while comparing stories of the one(s) that got away, how to best clean them, who caught the most and which types of fish taste the best.

One thing is sure, some of the fish is caught, cleaned, filleted and frozen until enough is accumulated to have a fish fry for everyone who has added their contributions to the stash of fresh fish. Always delicious, we have the cooks who excel at frying the fish and those that make the best homemade french fries and those who makes out of the world cole slaw. Don't forget scrumptious brownies for desert.

It's a community gathering that is much looked forward to as are the potluck dinners.

Here's just a few of the fish that have been caught - do you know what types of fish are shown?

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