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Fishing near Old Town Campground

man holding 38 inch fish on boat on Gulf of Mexico
Fish caught on the Gulf of Mexico. A real story teller.

Anglers rejoice! Even though we don’t have a fishing spot here at Old Town Campground, there are numerous spots within minutes away. Either bank or boat fishing is available on the Suwannee River or the Gulf of Mexico by using your own boat or renting a boat or charter with a qualified captain.

fish on table with boat name in background Tidewater Tours Cedar Key Florida
Tidewater Tours Charter Fishing Boats

If you choose to go the charter route, the more you have in your group the less expensive per person. A group of six (6) people can be a little as $50 to $75 each for four (4) hours of fun fishing. You can find fishing charters in Chiefland, Cedar Key and other towns nearby.

If bank fishing is your thing, then consider fishing from the pier in Cedar Key, at the several boat launches within minutes of OTC – Anderson, Hinton, Suwannee, Nature Coast Trail and numerous other state parks and public boat ramps.

Boats can be stored here at the campground during your stay in our storage area or at your site depending on the boat. Kayaks can be stored at your site and larger boats back in storage.

Fishing Licenses

Depending on where you want to go fishing, you’ll need to get either a salt water and/or fresh water license. You can easily get what you need in Old Town at the Jiffy Food Mart. Just 5 minutes from OTC or you can get it at:

We hope this information helps you find the angling spot that suits your needs for your fishing adventures. Be sure to share your fishing stories in the comments section below.

man holding fish he caught on Suwannee river on boat with motor
River fishing from a Tri-haul boat with motor

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