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Having trouble keeping doors closed during travel?

Have you ever had trouble keeping doors closed when you're traveling in your RV, motor-home or fifth wheel? If you have, here's a few ideas that might solve your problems.

  1. Use rubber bands to loop between two door knobs. Just make sure they're tight enough that's there's not enough space when the door opens but not too tight that you can't get the rubber band off when you've parked and need to get into the cabinet.

  2. Tension rods also work to help to keep objects from flying out of the cabinets or refrigerator.

  3. Two flat corner braces are used for brackets and are screwed to the underside of your counter-top and lower frame. Cut to size and drill holes for a rod to go through. A fiberglass driveway marker rod cut to size works well and doesn't leave any marks on the drawer faces. Cost approximately $5 in parts at Home Depot. From MotorHome Magazine

  4. Here are even more ideas for storage and making items secure when traveling.

These are just three simple solutions. Do you have one that works for you? If you do, please share it with us.

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