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Making a Thanksgiving Meal in an RV

Thanksgiving foods shared with family and friends.
Sharing Thanksgiving with RV friends

Yes, Thanksgiving in an RV is entirely possible. Whether you’re taking a dish to pass at a Thanksgiving potluck at the campground you're staying at or cooking for just your family for a quieter family dinner, either way you’re destined to have a tasty family-like feast.

One of the ways to have a successful meal is to invest in electric appliances. By doing this, you can cook more than one thing at a time, especially if you want to take it to the potluck or if you have your stovetop full of other dishes on the stove.

Here’s some of the best electric appliances that I’ve found:

Instant Pot – In this you can cook pieces of turkey, a small chicken, macaroni and cheese, soup, vegetables, rice or even bake something. There’re unlimited recipes available online for an instant pot. I even make my dog food in mine.

NuWave Oven – This oven is great for baking and my NuWave Oven has baked bread, cakes, cookies, pies and more and almost everything came out perfect. It is a good investment.

Induction Cooktop – If you’re like me, you never have enough cook space on your stove. Even though mine has four burners, they’re small and if I need to have a larger pot, it becomes a problem. That’s when I bring out the induction cooktop and plug it in and I have somewhere to place that larger pot.

One thing to remember when using these appliances is they do use quite a bit of electric po