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Custom T-shirts to Showcase Where You've Traveled or Live

Updated: Aug 9

Wearing a t-shirt that tells everyone where you've traveled is not only a fun memorabilia item, they're also something that you can get customized just for you. Old Town Campground now offers that option to you. Wear our logo or a fun cartoon-like image & saying. Don't see what you want, no problem, Cheryl can customize it to your specifications.

So, if you're interested in one or more t-shirts that lets people know that you're enjoying your stay at Old Town Campground or perhaps a custom t-shirt with a saying or picture that's your favorite, you can now buy 1 or more in any size in a color that you like (below). The logo can go on any color (light colors with dark logo & dark colors with white logos) but the cartoons can only be digitally printed on light color shirts.

Custom T-Shirts just for You

Need a specially designed shirt? No problem. We'll help you design it, print & ship it as a gift for that someone special.

Digital print t-shirts with full color digital print t-shirts can only be printed on lighter color shirts. 1 color digital prints can be ordered in any color below.

What's unique is you're not stuck with a standard design. Having a camper with a graphic design background allows you to have a shirt customized just for you. What other campgrounds offer that option?

Shirts are available in Basic Short-Sleeve Cotton Tee by Glidden, Basic+ Short-Sleeve (softer & modern cut), and numerous other blends and fabrics. Ask if you're interested in a particular fabric, sleeve length or perhaps a sweatshirt or hoodie, maybe a hat or polo shirt.

To order yours, please contact Cheryl & let her know which t-shirt, design, color, size and we'll help you with what you want or you can order online at Carnright Design.

t-shirt colors
T-SHIRT COLORS - white, ash, sport gray, dark heather, charcoal, black, azalea, red, orange, daisy, lime, Irish green, military green, forest, sky, sapphire, royal, navy, purple, natural and sand

Size Chart

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