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Old Town Campground Improvements

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Jerry, a permanent resident of Old Town Campground and our mailman, checking out the progress of the new drive through RV full hookup sites.

We're trying to get ready for everyone that will be coming for the 2019-2020 winter season by adding new 50 amp full hookup RV sites that will can be driven through to make for easier parking and pulling out! We're also updating sites so that we have more 50 amp RV sites available. In addition, we've improved a few out buildings and installed a new washer to replace one that wore out.

Event ideas have been in the works, too. We'll have a TV with a DVD player and a few DVDs that we can gather together at the pavilion to do chair Tai Chi, chair yoga, chair stretches or any other exercise you want or watch craft classes OR sport's enthusiasts can watch their games and enjoy each other's company while snacking on pot luck goodies.


We'll still have the monthly pot lucks and the weekly Sip n' Stitch. Factor in the nearby bike trails and state parks, there will be something to do daily for a fun vacation for a lengthy stay or as a stop between here and there.

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