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Old Town Campground: Where Creativity Meets the Great Outdoors

A man measuring a wooden house miniature creation.
Bert working on his miniature house creation.

Step into the enchanting world of Old Town Campground, where a community of skilled artists and crafts persons have made their creative mark. From mural paintings to tiny replicas of houses, the talent at OTC Campground is truly awe-inspiring. Let's delve into the minds behind this unique community of 55+ campers and the masterpieces they create, from colorful paintings to charming birdhouses to graphic design paintings to knitting and crocheting enthusiasts and miniature homes.

A barn red bird house painted to look like a barn with hay.
Bird house painted by Amy to look like a barn.

The artists and crafts persons at OTC Campground each bring their own flair and style to the table. From traditional painters to dot painters to woodworking wizards to wonderful chefs to quilt makers, there's a diverse range of talent to admire in this hidden gem. One standout attraction is the miniature houses crafted by long-time residents Bert and Amy, complete with unbelievably tiny details like working doorknobs no larger than 1/8". And let's not forget about Carol, the talented painter who adds a splash of color and creativity to the mix.

A barn red house crafted from wood with a white railing on a front porch.
Miniature house replica of an actual home.

But the creativity doesn't stop there - food enthusiasts whip up mouthwatering recipes, quilt makers stitch together works of art, and doll designers bring whimsical characters to life. You never know who might pop in to share their unique talents, whether for a short stay or a permanent residency.

A woman sitting with a bird house in the background and a bird feeding.
Artist Amy who paints all of Bert's wood creations.

As you meander through the paths of OTC Campground, you'll be treated to a visual feast of vibrant paintings, intricate birdhouses, and other delightful creations. Every nook and cranny hold a surprise waiting to inspire your imagination. In conclusion, OTC Campground is a haven for seniors with an artistic flair or those looking for peace and quiet. With its vibrant community of talented individuals and a treasure trove of creations to explore, this magical place is bound to spark your creativity. Whether you're an art collector or simply a curious traveler, OTC Campground invites you to discover the wonders hidden within its charming confines. So come on over and let the creativity of Old Town Campground captivate your senses - you're in for a delightful surprise!

What is your craft or art?


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