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Permanent Living in a RV Camper

If you are looking to live permanently in a RV camper, travel trailer or van, there are a few suggestions I've come up with that can help you get started. I am by no means an expert on this subject but living permanently in an RV is something I'm doing after having just jumped in with both feet and have learned some things along the way.

travel trailer with landscape yard with flowers and raised flower beds.
Landscaped travel trailer for permanent 55+ campground living

Here's a look at what it's like to live in a camper, RV, trailer, or van and why you may want to consider living on the road.

Those like us are called RVers, and on occasion travel from place-to-place living as if we are a tourist in a foreign land or settle in a campground in an area that becomes home to us – the best of both worlds - enjoying the freedom of having our own home, and all the comforts of the everyday life that we had left behind.

Some RVers don’t stay in one spot. They travel in their RV from place to place and enjoy the freedom of having their own home on wheels. Often having a home base campground yet taking opportunities to travel for a week to a few months. So, if you're looking for a new adventure, there's no better way to travel around the country than in an RV.

What is it about RVs that makes them so attractive to these RVers?

One big reason to own an RV is the freedom it brings. Whether you’re retired or a work-from-home business or employee who owns their own RV, they can choose to take it on a trip or stay at home depending on availability and preferences.

When you're living permanently in a camper, RV, travel trailer or van, you'll want to know what some common concerns are as well as how to deal with them. You can find answers by asking other permanent residents or by doing online searches for specific questions.

What do you think of when you hear the word full-time RVing?

Do you think of retirees, grey nomads, couples without children or outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly on the move? If you're interested in living a life on the road or in an RV resort in a park, you have tons to discover with your adventurous spirit or the desire to live a simpler, community life.

There is a lot of speculation about this type of living. The media has created a lot of stereotypes about full-time RVers but there are many ways to live the RV lifestyle, and some incredible benefits.

While researching camping websites for this blog, I came across an interesting article. The title and a highlight of the article is as follows: "Many people are opting to live permanently in their RV's and campers as a way to save money, simplify life, and to enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer."

Today, adults of all ages from 20’s to 90’s are redefining the term "retirement" and discovering just what they want out of life.

Camping in a mobile home is so common nowadays that many people forget that this is something new and different. Not that long ago, most RVs were once expensive recreational toys for the super-rich, used to tow around fancy cars that are now in the same spots you'd see RVs in today. Today's RVs are a lot less luxurious than they used to be, but that's because they're all more affordable and more mobile for people with smaller budgets and can't afford or don't want to invest in the homes you see on television. Living permanently at a campground in an RV isn't like being homeless or living like a hobo; it's not about living outdoors or without electricity. It's simply about living comfortably and being able to go anywhere you want - without having to worry about renting another apartment somewhere else.

You've made the decision to live in your camper, RV, or van full-time. Congratulations! You've come to the right place where you can be part of a community of 55+ seniors who enjoy visiting and looking out for each other while enjoying a simpler, quiet life at Old Town Campground!


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