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Seniors Are Living in RVs, Park Models and Tiny Homes to Enjoy Their Golden Years

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Gray Tiny Home on Wheels with Front Porch
Tiny Home on Wheels

More and more seniors are opting to live in either a RV, park model or a tiny home. Each offer something unique and choosing the right one for your circumstance is key.

Once you reach the golden years of age and settle into Social Security, it becomes important to see where you can save money and still satisfy that desire to travel. With a RV, park model and a tiny home, that’s a very real possibility.

For example, all three can and do offer mobility making it easy for seniors to travel and discover a location where they may want to settle permanently. By living permanently in a mobile home on wheels, it allows you to save money and are still able to have your own space and to live in either a senior-oriented or family focused community.

Class A white RV and Travel Trailer with Blue Car and Man standing out in front
Class A & Travel Trailer RV

However, after traveling for a while, many find it gets a little harder to get up in the morning plus the setting up and taking down of the campsite is not only exhausting, but it also isn’t fun anymore. That’s when settling in one place becomes very attractive.

Start looking for a campground that allows permanent residency as well as park models and tiny homes. Some campgrounds will offer help with transport / set-up costs so don’t forget to inquire about those options and any other help they may have available. Just because it says campground on the sign, they may offer added services that fit your needs.

Tiny homes and park models can be very affordable offering you a more house-like living space compared to an RV. Yet an RV may be easier to move in a smaller amount of time.

Consequently, when choosing a RV, park model or tiny home, it’s important to consider affordability, design and safety features like accessibility and mobility. Generally, the mobile home that works best depends on your circumstances – disability accommodations, design likings, size and movement needs. Be thoughtful and investigate what is available and consider whether the cost of buying new or used is right for you.

Ask us what we have to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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