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What to do during the Summer in a Campground

What to do if you're spending the summer in a campground. For us, we're here year round in Old Town Campground so Dave, an avid fisherman, fishes on his boat on the Suwannee and with friends fishing the river and the Gulf of Mexico. As you can see, actually catching fish makes him happy. There is a difference between fishing and catching fish. One is just to relax and be lazy floating in a boat on the water. The other is providing food for the family. Unfortunately, catching fish often becomes fishing.

Another past-time is cooking and baking. With outdoor kitchens, it's easy to enjoy those treats you don't want to heat up your camper by standing over a hot stove or oven.

Summer often means simple meals but just because you're in a camper doesn't mean you can't be a foodie and create scrumptious foods for that simple meal. A loaf of homemade bread for a cool, filling sandwich or alongside your main meal.

Some excellent summertime meal ideas are pasta and potato salads (a staple), cabbage salads (coleslaw), beans, BLT's, tuna salad, chicken salad (chicken cooked on the grill and then leftovers cut up for the salad), hamburgers, pork name it with the usual summertime fare.

Here's some you might not think of that are easy and cool.

  1. No-cook zucchini noodles and pesto.

  2. Mediterranean chopped salad

  3. Gazpacho

  4. Italian chicken wraps

  5. Greek yogurt tuna salad

  6. Italian chopped salad

  7. Chilled summer soup with herby cucumber salad

  8. Mediterranean tomato salad with herbs and feta

  9. Avocado chicken salad

  10. Watermelon salad with feta and cucumber

  11. Turkey roll-ups

  12. Spicy tuna stuffed avocados

So what else can you do during the summer. You can take a boat trip down the Suwannee and see the sights. Just a leisurely ride with mom, dad and your family.

Other things to do are area festivals and, of course, there's still sights to see, parks to visit and swimming in the springs and river. You can take an evening ride on the bike trail, get together with friends for a cookout. These are just the tip of what you can do during the summer and still camp. So whether you're in the North with maybe a little cooler weather (not always guaranteed) or the South where it's hot (but if you have a breeze and no humidity, it's perfect) there's always something to do.

Enjoy camping year round!

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