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Average Temperatures for Old Town, Florida for the Year

Finding the perfect temperature in Florida can be an issue when planning your RV travel & camping trip. Especially, if you want somewhere that's not too hot or cold. To help you with your planning, these average temperatures for Old Town Campground, Old Town, FL 32680 will give you an idea of what to expect for stay in our 55+ campground.

Some months may be above normal or below normal but this will give you a general idea whether you'll need shorts or a winter jacket. average general temperatures for Old Town, Florida 32680


September - Hi 88°F Lo 73°F

October - Hi 81°F Lo 65°F

November - Hi 73°F Lo 56°F

December - Hi 68°F Lo 53°F

January - Hi 64°F Lo 49°F

February - Hi 69°F Lo 52°F

March - Hi 73°F Lo 56°F

April - Hi 79°F Lo 62°F

May - Hi 85°F Lo 67°F


June - Hi 89°F Lo 74°F July - Hi 90°F Lo 76°F

August - Hi 90°F Lo 76°F


The entire state of Florida temperature ranges from high to low:


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