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Discovering How to be Super Social with Full-Time RV Living

Several campers cleaning up the pavilion after Thanksgiving Dinner
Cleaning up after the Thanksgiving Dinner

Both my husband an I have know that we are introverts, but since starting our RV full-time living experience we've learned how to be more social than ever. Wherever we were or are, we make it a point to say hello to new campers in Old Town Campground in Old Town, Florida and attend the events to really get to know everyone. The connections we've made are fast but lasting. We keep in touch with family and friends digitally via Facebook & Facebook Messenger and texting. If a fellow RVer has purchased property near here, we visit them often and share meals and activities. There's such a strong sense of community while living in a stationary location and the 55+ makes for a serene place to stay plus RVing is a less stress lifestyle. We have more friends now than we've every had in all your working years.

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