More Alligators Seen Because of Flooding Suwanee River

Locally, the Suwanee River reached flood stage and because of it the water, which is normally crystal clear is now dark and muddy although it is beginning to clear up.

We went to the Manatee State Park yesterday (January 6, 2019) and saw both manatees and a small alligator sunning itself on a picnic table that just showed the top of the table

Alligator sunning on picnic table at Manatee State Park, Florida.

It was amazing how high the water reached. Of course, the board walks and swimming was restricted. Paddle boats and canoes were still available.

This area is normally used for swimming with two sets of steps that are underwater.

We saw manatees but not very well. It would have been so much better if the water had been the clear blue it normally is. Because of the brown water, they appeared brown/orange in color rather than the blue gray. It was still and exciting sight.

Manatees in brown flood water

We also traveled down the Dixie Mainline Road a few days before and saw some beautiful scenery and interesting birds. We didn't see any alligators but Al & Linda did the day before. Although flooding water is dirty, it does bring out nature so you get some memorable photo shots.

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