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Spring & Summer in a Campground with Exotic Plants, Shrubs and Flowering Trees in Florida

One of the best things in a campground is the variety of flowers, shrubs and flowering trees in Florida. Some campgrounds feature exotic plants. If you’re a horticulturist or passionate about plants, this becomes an environment that stimulates your senses and knowledge.

Flowering Trees in Florida, Shrubs & Some Exotic Plants

Throughout Old Town Campground, we have numerous flowers, shrubs and trees that bloom from spring to summer to fall. Azalea’s bushes and magnolias explode with amazing colors and flowers that attract bees to help pollinate the flowers. All throughout the year, you’ll find cabbage palms, sago palms, bamboo, a variety of citrus trees, oak trees, pine trees and more. Flowers, trees, and shrubs that flower early to late summer include the Mexican Petunia, Confederate Rose, Tung Oil Tree, Japanese Sunflower, sparkleberry shrub, bigleaf hydrangea, Pampas grass, African Iris, American beautyberry, Callery pear and roses plus numerous succulent plants. New plants are being added – clematis, moon vine, money plant, portulaca, and a hemp plant.

Some of our guests have raised bed and pots of plants such as green and black elephant ears, Mexican shrimp plant, purple shamrock or the good luck plant, evening primrose, nasturtiums, and wildflowers. They also have a variety of succulents that do well in the Florida sandy soil.

So, staying at Old Town Campground in the spring, summer and fall is a treat as you get to see all the color and be among numerous flowering trees in Florida as well as the shrubs and some exotic plants.

Come and stay with us at Old Town Campground. You’ll love the atmosphere, the community of friendly people and the soothing quiet.


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