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Revving up for the Winter 21/22 Season

What's new this season is two additional sites that are both full hookup but one is a 30 amp and one a 50 amp. They're where the park model used to be on the end. Both are back-ins and on the quiet end of things.

The take-one-leave-one library is overflowing with books and oldie but goodie videos.

Some long time campers have left to go onto new adventures.

The price of the laundry has gone up to $2 per load for both the washers and the dryers.

We are no longer hosting pot lucks due to circumstances.

Cheryl, #14, is on duty Sunday through Wednesday now for phone calls, reservations, check-ins, accepting rent payments and dealing with issues.

Rob is on duty Thursday through Saturday.

Wood is now $8 per bundle and can be gotten from either Dave or Rob when he's on-duty.

If you have issues with the restrooms, please contact Dave in site #14.

I guess that's the news for right now.

See you soon!

Rob, Dave & Cheryl

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