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RV Slideouts and their headaches


If you have an older RV that was made by a company that is no longer in business, finding replacement parts can be an absolute headache. offers you some lessons on how to search for what you need - from what type and how to find out. Once you've determined what type your slideout needs and what is the actual name of the part, he guides you in searching on sites such as Get RV Parts and Trim-Lok.

If these don't work, get on and ask for Dave.


ALL RV's routinely need to be inspected and maintained as all of a sudden you'll begin hearing small squeaks and creaks. If you've noticed that your slides have suddenly developed a squeak that is annoying when you're pulling it in or pushing it out, then it's time to pull out the RV slide out lubricant. This fix is quick and simple and inexpensive.

To help find the RV slide out lubricant that you need and to corretly apply it to the rail system under your rig, Dave Solberg of the RV Repair Club walks you through the step by step process. Simply follow his tips and soon your slide out will be working efficiently and smoothly.


If your awning is motor driven electric awning and you hear any type of clicking noise that appears to be trying to bring in the awing, then it's very likely that the gear is stripped or binding which will shut down the motor.

If there's no sound at all, then the motor is probably no good or the switch has gone kaput. If this is the case, you need to get your hands on a 12-volt source, disconnect the wire leads to the motor and test to see if that fixes the problem. If it does, you need to replace the wiring or the switch. If it doesn't fix the problem, the motor is bad. Go to your owner's manual and look up how to manually override the system to roll up the awning. Usually, you'll have to remove one or two screws near the motor and with a buddy roll it up by hand.

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