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What are the Benefits of Living Permanently in an RV Park

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Driveway to Old Town Campground with RV's in background
Old Town Campground Entrance

Every situation has an advantage and disadvantage. RV parks/campgrounds have facilities that you can use for your benefit and one of the best ones is saving on rent.

  • The longer you stay in a RV park/campground, oftentimes you get cheaper rent. They’re not like homes where you end up paying huge amounts for various things.

  • Sometimes discounts apply depending on how long you plan to stay. The monthly rate is way cheaper and if you sign a lease, there can be even more savings.

  • Living in your RV full-time in a campground / park allows you to downsize by living tiny, save money, yet still be able to pack up and move anywhere you want to go.

  • Most RV parks / campgrounds offer month-to-month, six-month to yearly leases or a seasonal discount.

Woman working on computer with headphones cup of coffee at dinette table in RV camper
Living tiny in an RV camper in a RV park / campground

Advantages of Living Stationary in Your RV Camper

Staying in one place has numerous benefits, especially if your campground has several amenities. It’s cheaper than apartment rent and buying a house and land with a mortgage. Plus, if you find a low-priced campground or park with discounted rates, even better.

You can not only save money on your campsite fees, but you’ll also save on those impulse buying sprees. Space is a premium when living in a camper, so you don’t want to fill up your RV with needless purchases where you have nowhere to put them.

Most campgrounds / RV parks come with at minimum an on-site restroom with hot showers where you have more room than in a tiny RV shower. Just remember, other people use these showers, too, so use them as if you’re a guest in someone’s home. Don’t embarrass yourself and make yourself unwelcome. Clean up after yourself. Leave it neat and tidy for the next person.

Quite a few parks & campgrounds have other amenities such as WiFi, free cable, a laundromat, dog park and some have a pool, hot tub, or kid’s playground. Some are 55+, 40+, kid friendly or adult only.

Last, you have the option of moving to another site if you don’t like your neighbors or if they’re just there for a few days, you don’t have to deal with them for long.

table full of hamburgers, beans, drinks for July rth
Holiday Potlucks are always a fun campground get-together!

Why Old Town Campground is a Good Place to Settle in Your RV Camper

Old Town Campground offers 55+ campers a place to live long-term or permanent. It’s a place where you can experience the enjoyment of camping yet have that feeling of being settled in a home.

We currently have campers who have stayed a year or two and others who have been here 15 years. It’s all up to you but the longer you stay, you become a valued member of a friendly, family community. We watch out for each other. Even though we may not talk every day, we know you’re there and we will check to see if there’s anything wrong if we haven’t seen your smiling faces in a while.

Here at OTC, you can rent month-to-month or sign a six-month lease.

Come join us!


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