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Why Live in an RV Full-Time Year Round

man and woman sitting in lounge chairs in front of RV. Woman is reading a book and man is working on laptop.
Full-time RV Lifestyle - Traveling year round or staying in one campground for a year or more.

Whether you’ve decided to travel the country or settle down in one RV campsite for a year or more (I know some in our campground that have been here 16+ years), it’s a unique way to live. It often changes the perspective we have about many things.

Choosing the RV full-time lifestyle is a HUGE decision and it’s not for everyone. Yet, we’ve had more calls than ever before asking for permanent sites.

What is so different about this choice of lifestyle. In a nutshell, you have the best of both worlds.

  • You can choose 55+ campgrounds or you can stay at family-oriented ones that allow children.

  • You can travel if you want, or you can settle in one place.

  • Living in an RV is no different than living in the popular trend of tiny homes.

  • The difference between the two is you can move an RV easier than a tiny home, but a tiny house is sturdier than an RV.

  • At some point both will need repair, just as a house will need maintenance.

  • You’ll spend more time outside with an RV. More time outside is healthier for you.

  • You get to learn how to work as a team with your spouse, partner, friend.

  • You get to meet more people and make friends that you may not see every day but keep in touch with them via phone or internet.

Men and women bicycling on a wooded path.
Bicycling for a healthier lifestyle with full-time RV living.

Here’s some answers that are often asked about living in an RV full-time:

  1. How do you manage to get along living in a small space? A lot of the time is spent outside each day, weather allowing. So, everyone gets lots of sunshine and fresh air plus exercise and community socialization. The RV is mainly used for sleeping, cooking, eating (if we don’t eat outside) and shelter in inclement weather. We try to stay organized and use our living and storage spaces effectively. We also have an online business, so we have an inside office plus, on occasion, we work from outside.

  2. How do you get your mail? It’s super simple to get your mail. You can sign up with a mail forwarding service such as Escapees or you can create a real address in Texas and Florida. Side note: here at Old Town Campground, you can use this address as your physical address and get a PO Box to receive your mail or put up a mailbox and get it delivered to your door. You can get packages here from FedEx, UPS and USPS, too.

  3. Can I use the campground’s WiFi to work online? Well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Most WiFi’s are slow, and you may get disconnected from the internet every so often. The best thing to do is either invest in a hotspot, use your phone as a hot spot or, if available at the campground, pay for the WiFi that will allow you to stay connected and have a faster speed. So, investigate the internet options the campground has and make your decisions from what they offer.

  4. How much does it cost to live in a campground? That depends on where you are in the country and the campground. It can cost as little as $600 to $6000 a month including electric and if it’s just two adults or a family with children. Included in that is if you’re paying for your RV, vehicle, or any other financial obligations. Be realistic. Don’t forget to add in groceries, insurances, doctors, etc. to your monthly expenses. Make a budget and go from there. It’s different for everyone.

There are more questions, obviously, with more answers. We’d love to hear from you if you’re living full-time in a RV and sharing your knowledge with some what to do and not to do experiences. Just leave us your comments below to share with others.

potluck table with pots of food.
Campground socialization with like-minded community.

1 Comment

Terri Whitlatch
Terri Whitlatch
Mar 15, 2022

We are currently full time and loving it! We plan our stays for a month or more to help with cost It is fun moving around and meeting new people and finding new fishing and crabbing spots. Our goal is to enjoy life on our terms for as long as we can. Happy Life to All 😍

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