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Why Live in an RV Full-Time Year Round

man and woman sitting in lounge chairs in front of RV. Woman is reading a book and man is working on laptop.
Full-time RV Lifestyle - Traveling year round or staying in one campground for a year or more.

Whether you’ve decided to travel the country or settle down in one RV campsite for a year or more (I know some in our campground that have been here 16+ years), it’s a unique way to live. It often changes the perspective we have about many things.

Choosing the RV full-time lifestyle is a HUGE decision and it’s not for everyone. Yet, we’ve had more calls than ever before asking for permanent sites.

What is so different about this choice of lifestyle. In a nutshell, you have the best of both worlds.

  • You can choose 55+ campgrounds or you can stay at family-oriented ones that allow children.

  • You can travel if you want, or you can settle in one place.

  • Living in an RV is no different than living in the popular trend of tiny homes.

  • The difference between the two is you can move an RV easier than a tiny home, but a tiny house is sturdier than an RV.

  • At some point both will need repair, just as a house will need maintenance.

  • You’ll spend more time outside with an RV. More time outside is healthier for you.

  • You get to learn how to work as a team with your spouse, partner, friend.

  • You get to meet more people and make friends that you may not see every day but keep in touch with them via phone or internet.